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  • It takes two flints to make a fire.
    * Louisa May Alcott

  • We praise a man who feels angry on the right grounds and against the right persons and also in the right manner at the right moment and for the right length of time.
    * Aristotle

  • Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools.
    * Bible -- Ecclesiastes 7:9

  • Let not the sun go down upon your wrath.
    * Bible -- Ephesians 4:26

  • I know of no more disagreeable situation than to be left feeling generally angry without anybody in particular to be angry at.
    * Frank Moore Colby

  • Many people lose their tempers merely from seeing you keep yours.
    * Frank Moore Colby

  • Heav'n has no Rage like Love to Hatred turn'd,
    Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd.
    * William Congreve

  • Anger as soon as fed is dead--
    'Tis starving that makes it fat--.
    * Emily Dickinson

  • Beware the fury of a patient man.
    * John Dryden

  • We boil at different degrees.
    * Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.
    * Lee Iacocca

  • Speak when you are angry--and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.
    * Laurence J. Peter

  • The bare recollection of anger kindles anger.
    * Publilius Syrus

  • To observe people in conflict is a necessary part of a child's education. It helps him to understand and accept his own occasional hostilities and to realize that differing opinions need not imply an absence of love.
    * Milton R. Sapirstein

  • In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.
    * John Steinbeck

  • When angry, count four; when very angry, swear.
    * Mark Twain

  • Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about change.
    * Malcolm X